Back to school

175 days. 25 weeks. Over 6 months. It’s felt like longer, but however you slice and dice it, Covid-19 has had a profound impact on life and business as a freelance copywriter. But today is the day both my nippers are finally back in school and nursery. Some semblance of normality has resumed, but for how long? That’s anyone’s guess.

So what have I been doing for the last 6 months? Well, with the onslaught of homeschooling, my copywriting week was slashed from four days (I look after my youngest one day a week) to a miserly two.


If I wanted to teach…

The pandemic has taught me a lot about myself. The main discovery is that I am a truly appalling teacher – just ask my eldest. It transpires that patience has been in short supply in the Anderson household, especially during the long drawn out hours of homeschooling. My little lad obviously responds far better to actual teachers than his dad pathetically masquerading as one.

Basically, if I wanted to teach, I’d have trained to be a teacher. And I’d have failed. Spectacularly. Miserably. A small English task that would have taken my boy ten minutes at school took an hour plus. The shutters went up on his side and the hackles simultaneously went up on mine.

My availability’s now doubled

God that sounds good. Rather than trotting out excuses to clients or delivery dates weeks, not hours and days off, I can finally, confidently and without hesitation say an unequivocal YES to projects.

My social media clients have kept me busy with regular daily posts throughout the pandemic. One client halved their activity, whilst another doubled theirs. There’s an argument for both doing this and both have enjoyed successful exposure on social channels.

I’ve been a busy boy

I’ve put on new ad agency, design consultancy and direct clients in these tricky times. I’ve managed to somehow, against all odds, keep them very happy, too.

Projects I’ve completed in that time have been incredibly diverse. I’ve ghostwritten a short book for a legendary footballer sponsored by a utility provider. I’ve written a full suite of literature and a website for a group of holiday parks. I’ve dreamt up the brand names for numerous FMCG products and positioned the brands. I’ve penned countless emails for one of the big four supermarkets. I’ve created multiple Instagram Stories and Pinterest boards, written countless blogs and posted social activity daily, even throughout a two week family holiday in Brittany.

Want to hear me say “yes”?

So it’s business as usual at my end. Hope it’s not been too disrupted at yours. If you’ve a project you’d like me to get involved in, give me a tinkle on 07909 500714 or email me at I now do a lovely line in yeses.