Simonand is climate positive

I’ll start at the beginning. Six months ago, one of my social media clients was telling me how they’d signed up for something called Offset Earth (recently renamed Ecologi). She explained that it was a highly effective way for businesses of any size to have a positive effect on the climate. I was intrigued as I wanted my creative business to try and put a bit back. So I looked into it.

The first thing that appealed was that it was an initiative that planted trees and funded climate projects that aimed to reduce carbon pollution and help secure a more sustainable future. It also created employment for local families and restored vital wildlife habitats. And yes, it gave me a warm tingle, too.

The way it works is based on the number of employees a company has and the average business travel carried out by them. So even a one-man band freelance copywriter like me working in Leeds can make as much of a difference as some highfalutin top exec in a global multi-national. In fact, it costs me just £4 a month to make that difference.

It’s a stupidly quick and easy way for any organisation of any size to offset their entire workforce’s carbon footprint. What’s more, it covers me for many personal things, too, such as carbon emissions from my home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and other random stuff.

Visit the Simonand forest

Now, I’m not one to boast, but I have my own thriving forest. Well, a virtual one that represents the positive impact my company has made on the environment. That’s how Ecologi represents and records how I’m diddling.

Each month, my forest grows and I’ve a profile here at so everyone, including my clients, can see my sustainability profile and the difference I’m making.

It’s amazing how it adds up.

Copywriter. Mangrove planter. Bio-digester.

At the time of writing this, I’d been a climate positive workforce, of one admittedly, for 7 months. But in that short time, I’d grown 307 real trees in my forest thanks to funding and supporting mangrove planting for non-profit Eden Reforestation Projects in Madagascar. Not only that, I’d managed to offset a staggering 8.19 tonnes of CO2. How? By helping fund all of the following:

  • Bio-digesters for rural Vietnamese farmers
  • Santa Marta landfill gas capture in Chile
  • Wind farm project, Turkey
  • Protecting the Amazon from deforestation in Brazil
  • Thailand landfill gas capture
  • Solar power in Maharashtra, India
  • Peruvian protection of the Amazon
  • Istanbul landfill gas extraction
  • Delivering clean drinking water to Haiti
  • Forest plantation on degraded grassland in Uruguay

In terms of CO2, that’s the equivalent of 5 long haul flights, saving 21 square metres of sea ice or not driving 17,417 miles in a car.

Check it out, it’s all on my profile.

Any road up

That’s just an idea of what four quid a month can do. For the price of £4 of pick n mix at the flicks (5 stale Liquorice Allsorts, 4 gummy dummies and 3 fizzy bastards) you too can be climate positive.

Do please consider signing up with Ecologi. It makes me feel better and it is making a difference. Think what it could do for you and your staff. Make it part of your employee package. I’ll leave it here.