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Making financial more casual.

Most creative people aren’t exactly renowned for having a good head for figures. Some attribute it to them being more right-brained, which deals with creativity rather than numbers. I must be one of the few exceptions as I’m a left-handed creative copywriter who seems to somehow make sense of financial matters.

I’ve gained a reputation over the years for being a financial copywriter who brings clarity and understanding to the communications of a wide diversity of retail financial organisations, including some of the UK’s and the world’s leading banks and building societies.

Where the financial sector often struggles is in conveying the benefits of their various products and services to their customers in a meaningful way. Where finance people see features, rates, terms and conditions, I cut through all the financial jargon and see customer-focused consumer benefits.

Customers aren’t really interested in what a product or service is, they want to know what difference it can make to their finances and their lives. It’s simple in theory but not always in practice as many financial products and services are complex and there are legal considerations too. That’s why I spend time to analyse each brief and put myself in the position of the consumer.

Whether it be an online banner campaign for an innovative bank such as first direct, highly targeted direct mail and e-mail campaigns for HSBC or entire suites of branch literature for a large UK building society, I can create the concept, pagination and write full copy. I can even make T&Cs sound friendly.

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By Simon Anderson | Financial Copywriting | Freelance Leeds Copywriter | Financial Copywriter Leeds | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriting