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No bribery or contra-deals were involved in gaining these LinkedIn recommendations.

Simon positions himself as a freelance copywriter and a creative collaborator, and I can wholeheartedly support this description. The work he has done for me for Yorkshire Tea and Taylors Coffee – copywriting, blogging, social media content, photography and video – required a great deal of creativity and collaborations. He is consistently top-notch no matter which format. Smart, fun to work with, and a 100% safe pair of hands.

Dom Dwight Marketing Director Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate

Simon is a great copywriter, a creative thinker and very commercially minded. He ‘gets’ stuff straight away and can turn loose ideas into tight copy quicker than anybody else I know. He has always been ahead of the curve on social media and the best recommendation I can give him is that we use him a lot – both for his writing skills and for his insightful thinking. He also happens to be a nice bloke.

Mark Curtis Managing Director Fusion Unlimited

The biggest challenge I found as an ex-freelance copywriter was ‘getting’ clients – not just their tone of voice but the wider picture, like their culture, their briefing process and their working practices. Now I’m sat the other side of the fence, I can see – and I can say, without any hesitation – that Simon ‘gets’ all of this in a heartbeat. It’s such a tough skill to walk into any company and embrace their target audience (and the like), and totally nail the copy from day one, but this is what he does every day. Simon slots into any team; his work is slick and it hits the mark every time. It’s not just a huge benefit to have Simon work with you, but a pleasure too. Top writer, top guy.

Rich Lord Senior Creative Sky Betting & Gaming

Simon has an excellent grasp of building brand tone of voice and is equally as quick to grasp working with brands already in place and beautifully bringing their personalities to life. I am always impressed with how quickly he picks up a brief and delivers not only the brand essence but the functional/commercial needs – no easy task. Always a pleasure to work with and a great addition to any team.

Alex Walton Head of Brand Sky Gaming

Simon has a brilliant way with words. But more than that he understands the strategy and can kick start the creative planning process. With a unique view on things he is an inspirational copywriting guru. A digital native – he can out geek the best of them too…Work with him you won’t regret it.

Terri Gibson Head of Client Services MadeByPi

Simon is everything you want from a writer – passionate about his work, fast to get to the heart of a brand, and completely delightful to work with. He is a great conceptual creative, has the ability to write compelling long copy and is an engaging and articulate presenter who genuinely cares about his clients and his work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Simon, and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Jo Griffin Account Director The Individual Agency and Squeeze Digital Marketing

Over the last 11 years I have worked with Simon on a number of Digital projects where he has worked with us as a copywriter and a creative. He has been instrumental for a number of key MadeByPi clients and has displayed a detailed knowledge and passion for digital media. I would not hesitate to recommend Simon. His experience, knowledge and ability to integrate quickly with a team would make him a valuable asset for any project.

Paul Lemon Technical Director MadeByPi

One of the best things about working with Simon is that you can always rely on him to ask the questions that get right to the heart of the brief – really getting under the skin of the problem that needs solving. I’ve worked with Simon on many projects, from name generation and brand creation projects through to multi-channel ad campaigns. This has taught me that Simon is not just a brilliant copywriter, he’s a fantastic person to have on your side when you need to come up with first rate creative ideas of any kind. You won’t be disappointed.

Sarah Wareham Senior Planner Hôme Advertising

Working with Simon is always a pleasure. He knows the business inside out yet is always fresh and with boundless enthusiasm. In my role as TV Producer, Simons understanding of how to get the very best out of a creative concept within budget and whilst avoiding Clearcast potholes, was invaluable in terms of managing both creative time and client expectations. A true professional through and through – and also a very decent bloke.

Sharon Gunnell TV Producer & Owner Call Sharon

I worked with Simon at the start of my career and didn’t appreciate just how lucky I was. Back then he was a fantastic copywriter, an inspirational person to bounce ideas around with, and someone who oozed passion and enthusiasm. He’s still got all these qualities in abundance, and has now become something of a Renaissance man. Whilst he’s a writer (a brilliant one at that), he’s got a real artistic bent. As a planner, I recognise that he’s got a real strategic brain. And he’s as near to a digital native as is possible for someone with so many years experience! I would recommend Simon to anyone who is open to new ideas. Fantastic ones.

Caroline Parkes Strategy Director LIDA/M&C Saatchi

Simon boasts a solid reputation for his work within MadeByPi and the wider Principles Communications Group over the years – as is reflected in his portfolio and demonstrable aptitude and know-how across a wide range of disciplines and sectors. He’s certainly a guy who can assume control and prove to be proactive, deadline oriented and highly creative person to work with. He works well as part of a team, bouncing off people and supplementing and cementing ideas in his own inimitable style.

Karen Lewis Client Services Director MadeByPi

I worked with Simon for over eight years across many sectors and industries, ranging from fashion and beauty through to financial services. A seasoned, versatile, innovative and talented creative, Simon is highly motivated. Passionate and not afraid to challenge, he has extensive knowledge and experience working across multiple disciplines – be it above or below the line, from brand creation and development to tactical direct response campaigns. Simon is strategic, considered, committed and reliable.

Helen North Account Director Principles Agency

Not half as scary as he looks. In fact, a real gent bursting with great ideas. Always the one that you want to sell the ideas to the client. And very individual with it. Only Creative I’ve seen present in a 3 piece suit.

Ben Leonard Director Brand Edge

Simon was both an excellent copywriter and an intelligent, ‘can do’ employee. Working with Simon was always an enjoyable and productive experience and, unlike many other creative ‘divas’, Simon put 100% into every job he did, from high profile campaigns through to small, low budget pieces.

Janet Rees Creative Consultant JRCS

Simon is an experienced and consummate professional within the industry with a fantastic skills set. A combination of his creative thinking, and his ability to understand the intricacies of his clients businesses, has ensured that he always provides high quality solutions to client briefs. Having worked with Simon for a number of years I would recommend his services to any business requiring high quality freelance copywriting services.

Nick Ashworth Integrated Media Account Director Principles Media

I can recommend Simon very highly. I’ve worked with Simon in Leeds for many years, and he never fails to come up with great copy which is both creative and highly effective. He has now set up his own business as a copywriter and Simon has already delivered top quality results. However, he is so much more than a copywriter, he really gets involved in the project and creates brilliant concepts you wouldn’t have come up with yourself. Always thinking, and very proactive. A very experienced Yorkshire based copywriter, give him a shot, you won’t regret it.

Paul Hines Owner H Creative Brand Design

Simon has a knack for solving tricky marketing dilemmas by approaching them from a totally fresh angle creatively. A great copywriter – and a great bloke – with an enquiring mind and a fertile imagination!

Tessa Birch Planning Director Principles Agency

Simon impressed me so much in a brainstorm that I married him – well, it wasn’t for his looks was it and he did ask me out by email. The git.

Alison Anderson PR Manager KPMG

Having read all the recommendations on Simon’s site I have to say that most of them are true. If you are looking for broad concept ideas through to mega attention to detail copy he’s your man. He has lots of experience in a wide range of markets and channels and is digitally savvy to boot. Give him a go… I don’t think you’ll regret it.

 Keith Lishman Creative Director Principles Agency

Bright bloke, great ideas, never flustered, great communicator and collaborator. Doesn’t disappoint.

Jim Mooney Managing Director & Partner Basement & EMU Films LLP

Simon is both a very good writer and a creative ideas guy. He has worked with me on traditional media but has moved into and excels in digital and social media.

Bernie May Managing Partner Principles Communications

Simon is a joy to work with as a copywriter. His ideas are orginal, yet grounded. He listens (rare with many creative types!) and has a pragmatic and rounded approach which clients really appreciate. However his ideas are innovative too!

Julia Phipps Managing Director Specialist Mobility

Simon is simply a top notch creative guy. Copy, concept or whatever – whether you need some original thinking or some hard working creative work then Simon’s number should be on your list. Worked with him for nearly 15 years and one of the best have ever worked with. And he’s a grafter.

Richard Dudleston Client Services Director Hôme Advertising

I have collaborated very successfully with Simon on numerous TV projects over the years. Simon has a brilliant sense of humour and is always great fun to work with. He is hugely creative and very professional and always seems to stay calm under pressure, which is a very welcome quality in our business. I’m sure he would be a valuable and reliable asset on any team.

Julian Kronfli Commercials Film Director Kronfli Duliba Productions Ltd

Having worked with Simon on a number of creative projects i can honestly say he is one of the best around. He is very experienced and capable of delivering a high standard of work on a regular basis. His ability to adapt his copywriting style and immerse himself in different brands was very apparent during the time i worked with him. I’m sure he’ll be very successful in this new venture.

John Hebden Account Manager Ponderosa Communications

As a digital account manager working with Simon I am pleased to say that Simon’s years of experience in the offline world translated effortlessly in to the world of digital. He always collaborated well with the design team to ensure that his copy worked with the sites user experience and developed ideas that could work across both on and offline environments.

Mark Dolby Account Manager MadeByPi

Simon is very professional and an excellent creative thinker, he takes time to understand the full commercial aspects required by clients to help them achieve their objectives. Having previously worked with Simon for over 9 years he is very personable, talented and comes highly recommended.

Ian Wright Owner Digital Media Consultants Ltd

I’ve hired Simon on many occasions, and not only is he a genius with his creative copywriting, he’s a bloody lovely chap…he knows his onions when it comes to films and footy…which is always an added bonus in my book. Give him a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Phil Cass Director Limehouse LAB

Simon is a highly experienced and creative communications professional with oodles of skill and integrity; always going the extra mile for clients and colleagues. I have always found Simon to be a committed and focused individual who has real insight and know-how. He is great to work with and I would highy recommend his copywriting services.

Suki Bains PR Consultant and Owner Terracotta PR Ltd

Worked with Simon for many, many years. Top creative copywriter. Use him – you won’t regret it!

Spike Scott Founder Mezzo Group

Apart from working with Simon in the late 1990s I had the pleasure of working with him whilst I was PR manager at Yorkshire Water. A very creative individual who came up with some really clever ideas for advertising campaigns.

David Simister Owner Different PR

A creative thinker, that remains grounded in key objectives. Someone who is passionate about brands whatever their size. Determined to deliver the best and what’s right – Simon is never beaten. Loyal, hard working, focused and full of ideas that are refined and crafted into great concepts. More than a straightforward copywriter, inspiring, versatile and great on new business.

Lesley Dudleston Research Director Principles Research

I have worked with Simon at two agencies: Stowe Bowden Wilson and Principles. Simon is one of those rare breeds that always comes up with stunning ideas. His strategic thinking is second to none and his ability to find the right solution time and time again is scary. This mixed with him being one of the good guys and fun to work with makes him ideal to have in your team.

Viv Griffiths Creative Director Start-a-Storm

Committed, analytical, creative and insightful with a breadth of experience across so many marketing disciplines. Simon and I have worked together for 20 years (phew) and have always enjoyed it. He’s a great guy too. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Simon.

Andy Glendenning Head Scribbler Andy Glendenning

I worked with Simon on the Norweb account at Stowe Bowden Wilson in Manchester. Not only is he great fun to work with and a natural collaborator/team player, but he writes with great intelligence and razor sharp wit. An original thinker, Simon is a big creative talent with a real appreciation of the commercial aspect of the job in hand. I wouldn’t hesitate on calling on Simon for a fresh perspective on any creative brief and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Lisa Small Owner Muse Advertising

I’ve admired both Simon’s work and work ethic for many years. He is extremely creative and diligent with incredible attention to detail. In addition to this he is good company, which makes spending time working with him a pleasure.

Melissa McMinn Assistant Conversation Manager Taylors of Harrogate

I’ve known and worked with Simon for many years now. He’s a top bloke and, despite him supporting a team from the wrong side of the pennines, I have no hesitation in recommending him for any copywriting/conceptual work that might crop up. If it’s a golfing fourball partner you’re after, then it might be better to look elsewhere.

Peter Swaine Owner Peter Swaine Ltd

Simon has the unique talent of not only writing excellent copy but also the enviable ability to take fantastic photos. A skill many of us would love to have, but Simon is the only person I’ve met who can truly do it.

Rebecca Nichells Marketing Director Leeds Rugby Foundation

Passionate and committed Simon can be relied upon to find the nugget of inspiration amidst the driest of briefs to produce ideas that surpass objectives and expectations. Tireless in his ambition to achieve the best, Simon is never beaten – even when the going gets seriously tough – and you can always bet that he’ll pull something truly amazing out of the bag to nail the brief. Commercially aware and a creative forward thinker makes Simon an excellent copywriter to work with.

Jennifer Evans Brand Marketing Executive Republic

I worked with Simon on loads of projects during my time at MadeByPi/Principles and his work was never less than spot on every time, no matter which client we were working on. He’s the kind of person you’d let put words in your mouth, because they’d always be right.

Tom Quayle Digital Designer APCO Worldwide

It was about 20 years ago that I first met Simon. Spikey dyed-blond hair, grubby dungarees, tab behind the ear, fresh-faced enthusiasm and a cheery disposition; he was clearly destined to be a creative. And then he started to write. At first, the ideas flowed thick and fast. Mainly thick but he was still learning. However, before too long he was creating wacky, avant-garde concepts that few clients had ever seen before. One or two at most. Maybe three, tops. His conceptualizing skills were quickly supplemented with a growing competence at copywriting. Proper joined up writing, fully-formed sentences, even paragraphs were now commonly punctuating his work. Unfortunately, they were the only things punctuating his work, but plenty of time for grammar later – this is adland remember we’re not going for a Pullitzer. Soon he was creating compelling campaigns with care, craftsmanship, and other qualities beginning with the lettter ‘c’. Always looking for maximum standout but never losing sight of the consumer proposition, his advertising efforts often belied his intelligence. Today, the dungarees and dodgy hair style may have gone but the enthusiasm and cheery disposition still remain. Supplemented by a wealth of experience and a huge amount of raw talent now finely honed. I can say with hand on heart that his writing puts me in mind of David Abbott. Not my heart, obviously. In summary, if you ever want a copywriter to work on your account and for some reason I’m not available, I cannot recommend Simon Anderson highly. Enough.

Phil Kerry Owner Bedlam TV

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