Little Book of Real Strong Principles

Every business has a personality and culture. I worked for Principles Communications for 15 years and over that time I got to know it well. So who better to ask to than yours truly to communicate their principles to the staff within the group? I created the Little Book of Real Strong Principles which was great fun but also got across some really important guiding prrinciples.

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The little book of real strong principles

Eat our goal!

Research to planning. Nifty pass to account handling. One-two with media. Long ball headed on by accounts to creative. Through to production. Out to studio. Cross to interactive. Back of the net.

Confidence, skill, creativity and bloody hard work enable us to pursue our vision: to be the best team of companies imaginable and secure a UK Top 30 spot, minimum.

Previously unwritten, our principles have guided our brand, ethos, personality and the way we do stuff. Made us the success we are. This book sets out the six principles which, if we all live and breathe, will make anything possible.

On me head, son.


Straight up. Fair dos.

Cards on the table, communications is a cut-throat business. Unusually though, we’re not the ruthless types. The group is not a hiring and firing or blaming and shaming organisation. We always try to be fair and honest with everyone.

Okay, so there are difficult decisions to be made. That’s business. But we will always make them as even-handedly and sensitively as possible.

This openness extends to money too. The organisation needs to make a fair profit. So we’ll should be open and honest with everyone, including our clients.

Stick or twist?


I’m Spartacus!

When you work within a legion of highly creative, motivated and fun-loving people like ours, it’s not easy to stand out. Oh, unless you’re useless and po-faced of course.

Because we’re a team, we’re all personally responsible for our actions and are accountable for what we do. And we have high standards that we’re not prepared to fall below.

We’re constantly fighting to improve the quality of everything we do. So let’s give as much constructive criticism as we take.

And before you ask, I’m Spartacus.


‘Yes People’, the lot of us.

Why is it some people are so cynical? Usually, it’s because saying ‘yes’ to something involves then making it happen. Which is just all too much of an effort.

Go on, try saying it. ‘Yes!’ Feels good doesn’t it? Adopt a positive attitude in everything you do, take the bulb out of the red light, make ‘yes’ your first answer and you’ll constantly surprise yourself as to what’s possible.

What do you say?



By Simon Anderson | Concept | Advertising Copywriting | Brochure Copywriter | Digital | Advertising | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriter | Harrogate Copywriter