MadeByPi new business DM

When award-winning digital agency Pilot Interactive rebranded as MadeByPi, it was a magical moment. They’d grown exponentially and wanted to work wonders with new clients. These cardboard die-cut DM pieces enabled potential clients to join in the fun by assembling their own magician and glamorous assistant. I conjured up the copy.

simonand… MadeByPi



We think you’d make a great glamorous assistant.

Pi is renowned for pulling off spectacular feats of award-winning digital interactivity. Now it’s your turn to exercise a little sleight of hand. Soon, we’ll be disappearing. Don’t worry, we’ll be reappearing in a new guise. It’s not a trick. It’s for real. And we’ll need a hand. We’ll be with you soon after you’ve finished assembling our glamorous assistant.

Let’s make Pilot Interactive disappear.

One minute you see a dynamic award-winning digital agency. The next? A dynamic award-winning digital agency called MadeByPi. So what’s about to change? Well, we’ve grown, not just in size, but in spirit too. We’ve got more skills on hand with 30 intensely passionate designers, developers and project managers working hand in hand with clients. Working our magic on their brands. Using the power of DigitalThoughtSupport.



By Simon Anderson | Concept | Digital Copywriting | Website Copywriter | Digital | Advertising | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriter | Harrogate Copywriter