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Buying a used car = nightmare. Nobody wants to fall prey to a wheeler dealer. Trusted Dealers are car dealers you can actually trust because they are committed to a stringent 10-point plan that can protect car buyers. This website laid it all on the line and showed car buyers how they can get an incredible deal on used cars that are treated like new.

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10 Points of Difference.

Trusted Dealers are committed to delivering a first class experience to our used car buying customers.  We are a growing organisation, owned by its members, and as such are able to offer standards that other classified websites aren’t able to achieve.

Buying from a Trusted Dealer is by far the safest and most reliable way of buying a used car in the UK.

There are a large number of reasons for choosing to buy from a Trusted Dealer.  For starters, we have agreed on ten points of difference. If there are other things you would like to see from Trusted Dealers please email us.

Nothing to hide.

A surprisingly large number of people are taken in by thieves selling stolen vehicles. This can be when cars are sold “for cash” privately. Another scam that internet used car buyers should be aware of is “car matching”. This is where photos and details of real cars are posted on used car classified websites with false owners details.

These are often priced extremely low to encourage the unfortunate car buyer to email the seller. Once contact has been made the buyer is encouraged to transfer their money into an apparently legitimate “escrow” account. But when they come to take delivery of the used car, it, the contact and their money vanishes.

Probably even more dangerous are cars that have been involved in serious accidents and written off by the insurance company but yet still repaired in backstreet alleys and then sold on to unwitting individuals.

At Trusted Dealers all our used cars are background checked.


By Simon Anderson | Concept | Car Copywriting | Automotive Copywriter | Digital | Advertising | Yorkshire | Leeds | Harrogate