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With so much creative marketing experience, I often get called into busy agencies to help distill down what they’re about. Here’s just one instance for a full service digital agency that takes in everything from brand comms, social media and PR to web build, PPC and SEO. Getting me in to sort your site makes uncommon sense.

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Common sense is useful, but it can be a bit too sensible. Now uncommon sense… that’s something completely different. It’s difficult to describe. It’s rare thing that, when we discover it, we share it with our clients. It melds logic, creativity and effectiveness. It’s about taking the right approach to get extraordinary results for our clients. It makes them money. It makes them famous and that makes us happy.

You can’t force someone to do something against their will. Change their will.

That might sound a bit heavy-handed and the reality is far subtler than that. Look harder and you can unearth some rather surprising perceptions and behaviour. We call these discoveries ‘inner insights’. By using uncommon sense we can formulate unique marketing strategies that can create powerful new desires your consumers never consciously knew they had. Suddenly you’ve new demand and a new source of profit. We make it sound easy. It isn’t. It takes a lot of inspiration and perspiration.

Does your social marketing feel like marketing? End of conversation.

The most effective social marketing campaigns should be naturally chatworthy. You can’t just wade into Facebook or Twitter with the same attitude of a press ad. It takes subtlety of touch, a proper understanding of what’s trending and a completely different marketing vocabulary where conversation and content, not USPs, count. Uncommon sense keeps the conversation going on and on. It spreads organically. The next thing you know, the whole world is talking about you.


By Simon Anderson | Leeds Copywriting | Website Copywriter | Digital Copywriter | Yorkshire | Copywriter Leeds | Harrogate