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Corporate Social Responsibility is an important issue for organisations. It keeps them connected with and involved in the communities that they operate within and draw their employees from. One bank that’s big on CSR is first direct and their Interactive portal is the perfect platform for communicating their initiatives. This is just one page of many I wrote for first direct Interactive.

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“Okay, it’s not the Serengeti, but you’d be surprised.”

There is a wide selection of volunteering opportunities at YWT – as one of the teams who took part in a First Volunteers day at Woodhouse Washlands near Sheffield discovered. Jane Kennington tells us a bit about it…

“It was with trepidation that we looked at the rain pouring down the day before we were due to go weeding with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. We needn’t have worried, however, as on the day itself we had glorious sunshine – causing some of us to regret not wearing our bikinis!”

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