Harris T-Class Delta press ad

British manufacturer Harris makes fantastic tools and brushes for the decorating trade. Their T-Class Delta range of stripping, filling, chisel and putty knives comes with a lifetime guarantee. This press ad, produced when working at Principles Agency, emphasises the longevity by actually making the T-Class part of the family firm. In fact, by proudly adding the name of his T-Class Delta 3″ Stripping Knife on the side of his van, ahead of ‘& Sons’, it shows just how much he rates it in terms of importance.

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S. Bowyer & T-Class Delta 3″ Stripping Knife & Sons

Tools that will last a lifetime.

Every T-Class Delta stripping, filling, chisel or putty knife comes with a lifetime guarantee, an ergonomic grip and a high grade steel blade. They’re so durable, they’re designed to work longer than you and the rest of your crew.



By Simon Anderson | Concept | Copywriting | Advertising | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriter | Harrogate Copywriter