Lapicida Inspiration brochure

I paginated and wrote the entire copy for this inspirational 140-page large format brochure for luxury natural stone specialist Lapicida.



There are very few instances in life when something so stunning quite literally stops you dead in your tracks. You turn a corner, or enter a room; are immediately transfixed and take a short involuntary breath. The sheer scale, the rare beauty, the absolute audacity of what you are confronted with leaves you silent.

This is the effect this exclusive range of individually commissioned natural stone installations never fails to invoke. Created by internationally-renowned designers, and tailored to your exact specifications, the combination of opulent luxury and semi precious stone, use of light and architectural form, present a new way of thinking about natural stone. Nothing short of astonishing.

Entering Lapicida’s Harrogate HQ in North Yorkshire can only be likened to walking into a cathedral. You cannot help but hush your voice to a whisper. What confronts you is Europe’s largest, most impressive gallery dedicated to the celebration of natural stone. The effect, like the choice, is overwhelming. Entire collections of the highest quality marble, limestone, travertine, slate, granite, onyx and semi-precious stone presented at their absolute best.

The rarest antique reclaimed natural stone and most intricate custom cut bespoke floors. Natural stone baths, basins and shower trays. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. What is hidden from sight is the main infrastructure of the 3-acre site with the capability to manufacture both tiles and slabs all under the same roof. It is this unprecedented offering that makes Lapicida the stone specialist capable of delivering virtually anything. Simply breathtaking.

Water is capable of incredible things. Without it, there is no life. With it, it can enhance our well-being and change the way we feel instantly. When awakening from deep slumber, showering under it can immediately invigorate. Tired and tense after a demanding day, it can miraculously loosen muscles and soothe away life’s problems.

Lapicida brings opulence and indulgence to these rituals with one of the largest collections of baths, basins and shower trays in Europe. Travertine, limestone, marble, onyx, granite, rock crystal and semi-precious natural stone can transform daily ablutions into extraordinary, stylish mood-changing experiences.

Many things differentiate Lapicida, The Stone Specialist, from other stone suppliers, however, transcending everything is the quality. Not only the quality of customer service and craftsmanship, but of the actual stone itself. It is something of an obsession of Lapicida’s.

Jason David Cherrington has over 27 years of experience in the sphere of luxury natural stone. He personally sources every single item of stone stocked by Lapicida and his exacting standards are renowned throughout the industry. By nurturing strong, long-standing relationships with suppliers worldwide, Jason has earned the pick of the most consistent quarry beds that yield the absolute best quality natural stone. He also deals exclusively with suppliers equipped with high quality machinery that produces the most accurate cut of stone.

The pursuit of excellence.Lapicida’s quest for the widest, most inspired range of the highest grade stone is relentless. As new and exciting discoveries are made, Jason is usually the first to secure the best available. He has highly specific selection criteria when purchasing

Lapicida’s quest for the widest, most inspired range of the highest grade stone is relentless. As new and exciting discoveries are made, Jason is usually the first to secure the best available. He has highly specific selection criteria when purchasing stone. Some particular stone types are prized for their veining, others for their clarity and purity. Lapicida only deals in the highest grade stone and leaves lesser quality stone to other suppliers. A keen eye, excellent relationships and strong negotiating skills enable Jason to keep Lapicida stocks high, prices keen and the best quality natural stone constantly available to customers.

A passion for provenance.

Lapicida holds the largest displayed collection of antique reclaimed floor and wall tiles in the world, each with its own unique, rich history. The time and effort involved in assembling such a collection is nothing short of astonishing. Lapicida has a team of antique reclaimed experts who visit esteemed stately homes, manor houses, châteaux, rustic farmhouses and imposing public buildings throughout Europe and the Middle East in search of the rarest pieces. New consignments are painstakingly catalogued before being transported to Lapicida’s conditioning rooms where craftsmen clean, measure and shape individual stones.

Relentless scrutiny.

Lapicida elevates quality control to an entirely new level. In addition to being subjected to Jason’s scrutiny before purchase, all stone is continually checked, right through to delivery to the customer. Stone arrives at Lapicida’s climate controlled warehouse where conditions are perfect for the storage and crafting of stone. Any stone that contains moisture is gently conditioned using a specialist dehumidification system. Craftsmen check every inch of every stone individually and reject any tiles with imperfections. Finally, careful packing and transportation complete Lapicida’s uncompromising attitude to quality.

Lapicida is expert in working with stone, however they also appreciate that their customers – especially the more design conscious homeowners, professional interior designers and architects – need useful digital tools that can help make life easier for them. A suite of entirely free integrated digital resources provides not only a joined up resource for inspiration and information, it also helps improve workflow for design professionals.


By Simon Anderson | Leeds Copywriting | Corporate Copywriter | Interior Design | Advertising | Yorkshire | Copywriter Leeds | Harrogate