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Having completed a project in the past for the University of Leeds, it was great to be approached by Boston Spa design agency ‘We Are Factory‘ to refresh and rewrite key areas of the website for The Grammar School at Leeds. Working closely with the agency, I quite literally added inspiration to the site. How? By weaving their ‘Be Inspired’ brand positioning throughout the copy. Multiple stakeholders were involved in the approval and development of the copy and as far as the results are concerned, I’d give it an A+.

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Seize the Day.

Welcome to The Grammar School at Leeds, a leading independent day school for boys and girls aged 3-18 years, based on the unique diamond model of education.

Inspiring confidence. Caring deeply. Satisfying curiosity. Fulfilling potential. Our excellent teachers identify and develop children’s individual abilities. They focus on each pupil personally, embrace their aspirations, offer every opportunity and help them to rise to any challenge.

Be inspired by The Grammar School at Leeds.


Inspiring young minds

“Children thrive on inspiration. That is why at Rose Court nursery and pre-prep school, we encourage imagination and exploration from the very start. Within our safe and caring environment, we help children shine bright and develop their talents. We find this develops confidence and self-esteem ready for the next stage in their educational journey.”


Time to shine

“Junior School ignites an explosion of opportunities for every child. Discovering new subjects and feeding their imaginations, pupils can really build on their Key Stage 1 experiences. Each child has a dedicated form teacher, plus a range of subject specialists to widen their knowledge. Together, we grow their knowledge, independence and self-confidence in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.”


Opportunity and choice

“Senior School is where the learning gets serious. Equal measures of inspiration and perspiration are what it takes to develop 11-year olds into impressive, confident and accomplished young adults. Boys and girls are taught separately because we’ve found it improves academic performance. We believe in balance. We do everything we can to inspire our students and help them to achieve academic excellence, whilst still having fun.”


Inspired and prepared

“Everyone has dreams. We are here to give you the best possible chance of achieving them. The Grammar School at Leeds Sixth Form is here to inspire, support, prepare then transform you into a university student or launch a successful career. It will be demanding, challenging and hard work. We’ll build your confidence, sharpen your strengths and work on any weaknesses. It will be exhilarating and fun, too. New friends. New experiences. The world awaits and we will ensure you’re ready.”


Creating versatile young people

“The Grammar School at Leeds fosters an inspirational learning environment, offering pupils a stimulating academic experience within a mutually respectful, kind and caring community. Every pupil’s interests, abilities and talents are nurtured by enthusiastic, well-qualified and dedicated staff. Personal and academic integrity is key.

Our reputation for academic, sporting and creative excellence sits alongside a good balance of tradition and innovation. Our generous ratio of staff to pupils enables us to offer a rich curriculum and a supportive pastoral system, dedicated to the development of social skills and self-esteem, rooted in academic challenge and respect for one another.”


Ready to inspire each other?

“As admissions manager at The Grammar School at Leeds, my role is essentially an educational matchmaker. I speak to hundreds of parents every year who are looking for a school to develop and inspire their child but it works both ways too.

We are looking for children who enjoy learning, are inquisitive, can think differently, who are considerate, kind and can bring something to our community. If you think your child is ready to take advantage of all there is to offer, it sounds like we may just be able to inspire each other to greater things.”


If your child’s education is one of the most important concerns you have, The Grammar School at Leeds will match and exceed your expectations. We compete at the very highest level in terms of nurturing and producing outstanding pupils and results.

GSAL is inclusive and provides the very best of everything for everyone with a world-class curriculum. To inspire and provide excellent opportunities, encouragement, care and support for all, runs through everything we do.

Children aged 3 to 18 can all benefit from the uniquely special experience and diamond model of learning at The Grammar School at Leeds. We are an extraordinary school and your child is incredibly precious. Together, we can develop young people of the future capable of confidently rising to life’s challenges.


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By Simon Anderson | Digital Copywriter | Leeds Copywriting | Education Copywriter | Yorkshire | Copywriter Leeds | Harrogate