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Large men often have real trouble fiding stylish clothes that actualy fit them. The options are few and the cut is often poor. This concept for fashion retailer JD Williams champions the larger, style-conscious man. I co-created both the brand name Assembly Menswear and also this ad, whilst working at Principles agency, that offers fashion equality for all men and the ability to assemble great looking outfits, irrespective of their size.

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Every man has a right to look this good. sees all men as equal. Whatever your size – 36–66 chest and 34–64 waist – we’ve pulled together some of the best names in menswear to help you assemble great looking outfits for every occasion. We deliver to any address and we never charge different prices for different sizes. Shop at now or call for the book and receive an exclusive 10% off your entire first order.



By Simon Anderson | Concept | Fashion Copywriting | Menswear Copywriter | Digital | Advertising | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriter | Harrogate Copywriter