Nestlé Kitkat Senses website

Nestlé Kitkat is one of the world’s biggest selling confectionery brands. When they wanted to launch Kitkat Senses – a 165 calories crisp wafer with creamy hazelnut praline bar, covered in smooth milk chocolate – they wanted ideas. When working with MadeByPi, we pitched this idea for their website and point of sale material.

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Try to imagine popping down to the shops for a pint of milk and a KIT KAT® Senses then suddenly being in the centre of a scrum of press photographers all flashing away, all vying for your attention when you’ve no lippy on and your hair’s all over the show. It’d be unreal! Yeah, unreal for you, but very real for Girls Aloud. That’s the sort of attention the girls have to handle day in, day out.Compare your schedule with theirs. I mean, have you just filmed a TV commercial, been under the microscope in a photo shoot, made loads of PR appearances then flown straight into rehearsals for a punishing KIT KAT® Senses sponsored ‘Tangled Up’ Tour in May and June? Phew! Maybe not, but I bet you still deserve an indulgent low-calorie chocolate break.Anyway, if you want to catch the latest Girls Aloud news and pics, click the links opposite. And hey, you know what they say about paparazzi? Big lens, small…


By Simon Anderson | Concept | Copywriting | Confectionery Copywriter | Digital | Advertising | Yorkshire | Leeds | Harrogate