Retalis brand & brochure

Fixturisation? No? I hadn’t heard of it either, but after working on the Retalis account at Principles Agency, it’s now an admittedly rarely used part of my vocabulary. It’s all about the management and reuse of retail fixtures, which is something I had to communicate in brochure form to finance and operations directors at large UK retailers. Oh, and the Retalis name? That’s another brand name I dreamt up.

simonand… Retalis



Untapped cost-savings. Managed solutions. Minimum disruption.

RETALIS is dedicated to optimising the life and value of fixtures in the retail supply chain. We are in a unique position to save your business approximately 30% whilst simultaneously helping fulfil your corporate environment strategy.


By prioritising the management, redeployment and re-use of your store network’s assets, rather than simply resorting to the expense of procurement.

RETALIS has worked exclusively for a top four national supermarket for over 17 years. We have been fully integrated into their operations providing our SHELFLIFE™ Asset Management and CORESTORE™ Component Services including project management, installation and fixture supply chain management. Now we are in a position to bring the same experience, expertise, environmental benefits and impressive cost-savings to all major retailers.

The bottom line is that RETALIS can provide seamless and sustainable, single source solutions and multiple cost benefits, on time and under budget, throughout every stage of your store lifecycle from new store openings to store closures. And because RETALIS is totally independent and not tied to any fixture manufacturer, re-use, rather than re-buy, is always top of our agenda.

Is Asset Management the last significant cost-saving you could make?



By Simon Anderson | Concept | B2B Copywriting | Asset Management Copywriter | Digital | Advertising | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriter | Harrogate Copywriter