Speaker of the House of Commons posters

At the height of the MPs expenses scandal, The Drum ran a competition calling for concepts for recruitment posters to fill the vacant position of Speaker Of The House at the Houses of Commons. Here are my three entries. I seem to recall one of two made it into the magazine.

simonand… The Drum


The Brief

The House of Commons is in disarray after the expenses debacle and the Speaker of the House Mr Michael Martin has resigned from his position.

The House needs you to create a recruitment poster to identify fitting candidates to stand to become the new Speaker to the House.

Your ad must focus on the necessary requirements to fulfill this important post. Potential candidates must be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Looking good in black
  • Shouting ‘order’ in a very loud/bullying voice
  • Able to sit on the political fence (or at least try)
  • A good eye for interior (house/official parliamentary residence) design
  • A love of all-expenses paid foreign travel
  • 20/20 vision to spot MP’s wishing to waffle
  • A good head for (fudging) figures

NB. A full clean driving licence is not required for this post, as you can (probably still) claim for a chauffeur.



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