Van Heusen Non Iron leaflet

Nobody can honestly say, hand on heart, that they enjoy ironing shirts. But what if there was a machine that could do it for you? Well, you actually have one already… your washing machine. US clothing manufacturer Van Heusen created a miraculous cotton-rich shirt that requires no ironing. When working at Principles Agency, I co-created a campaign for Van Heusen Non-Iron shirts that appealed to everyone who is bored of ironing.

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Ironing bored?

If you hate ironing, you’ll love the revolutionary new Van Heusen Non-Iron range

If one of your least favourite chores is ironing, you’ll welcome our new Van Heusen Non-Iron range of soft handle, cotton-rich men’s shirts. After all, they never need ironing.

Remarkable, but true, the permanently non-iron fabric uses the innovative Vapour Phase process and enables you to simply wash, dry and wear them without ironing them.



By Simon Anderson | Concept | Fashion Copywriting | Menswear Copywriter | Digital | Advertising | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriter | Harrogate Copywriter