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If there’s one thing people like almost as much as a proper brew, it’s Little Urn – Yorkshire Tea’s super-cute converted ice cream van that tours the world (it’s been to Vegas) quenching thirsts with complimentary tea. Yorkshire Tea gave everyone the chance to actually own their own – well, a 1:84 scale model of one made by the legendary Corgi. This blog broke the news of the birth of Little Urn’s little brother and his limited edition availability via Yorkshire Tea’s online shop. It sold like… hot cakes sounds appropriate.

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Meet Little Urn’s Little Brother.

People are always amazed when we tell them there’s only one Little Urn – our lovable tea van that spreads the word of Yorkshire Tea and brings the world a proper brew. Some people don’t actually believe us, but it’s true; the exact same Little Urn that has travelled thousands of miles across America is currently popping up to serve tea at village cricket grounds around the country.

Your love of Little Urn though has given birth to Little Urn’s ‘Little Brother’ – an exclusive and highly collectable miniature 1:84 scale die-cast metal version from model legends Corgi.

Sporting distinctive orange paintwork and beautiful Yorkshire scenes, he’s a little beauty. He’s not alone either. We’ve a huge fleet of these diddy Urns revved up and ready to go out into the big wide world.

Small, yet perfectly formed, the only real difference apart from his size is that he doesn’t come with a hot cup of Yorkshire Tea like his big brother, so you’ll have to brew up yourself. We think you’ll manage.

So how do you get your hands on one? Well, you don’t need to pass a test or anything (not that you’d fit behind the wheel of one) and at just £5, including delivery, you could even stretch to two – one for everyday pootling about and one to keep in his box if you’re a serious collector… you never know, he could be worth his weight in gold in years to come.



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