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You can only make a proper brew by doing things properly. That’s what Yorkshire Tea firmly believes and you can see it through the entire production process. This blog I wrote explores another Great British company who believes in making things properly. The Salix Cricket Bat Company based in Maidstone, Kent, make their cricket bats entirely by hand. Yorkshire Tea, the ‘Official Brew of England Cricket’, ran a competition for one lucky brew and cricket lover to win the ultimate bat-making experience, including a visit to the Salix workshop to have a bat specially custom-made for them. I not only wrote the blog and got it out via social media, I also shot a video, too.

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Let’s have a proper… bat?

We love people who do things properly, especially if it’s something that’s still made the right way with real skill, genuine pride, tonnes of TLC, and in Britain too.

Well, cutting corners and skimping on quality just isn’t cricket, is it?

Talking of which, you may have heard that we’re getting loads more involved in the world of balls, bails, bats and (most importantly) teas this year. In addition to serving proper brews to tea-loving spectators and players at games up and down the country, we’re running a Facebook competition to win a hand built, 100% British ‘Rolls Royce’. Well, okay, not an ACTUAL Rolls Royce, more the ‘Rolls Royce’ of cricket bats. We’ll explain…

Our friends at Barrington Sports, who organise the fun and games at our ‘Proper Days At The Cricket’, introduced us to Salix – a company in Kent that has been making cricket bats, by hand, since they began. We instantly took a shine to them.

One shake of master bat-maker Andy Kember’s hand and you instantly know that he is a real craftsman and a gentleman. You don’t have to love cricket to appreciate what he does either. Ask Andy what it takes to make a good bat and he’ll tell you “It’s labour intensive, time-consuming and hard work, but a real product”.

Anyway, you’ll see exactly what Andy means if you win our Facebook competition. Click here to enter (before 9am on September 17, 2012) and you could win the ultimate Bat-making Experience. If you win, you’ll get to go down to Salix in Kent and have master bat-maker Andy create a cricket bat to your very own personal specifications right there in front of your eyes. He’ll take into account your weight, height and any personal requirements to make and custom fit a bat that is unique to you.



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