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Business to Business. It’s an interesting phrase as businesses don’t literally talk to each other, people do. The main difference between B2B and B2C marketing though is that usually with B2C you’re simply trying to persuade one person to buy. With B2B, purchasing decisions involve multiple stakeholders, each with their own individual agendas. That makes the copywriter’s job that little bit trickier.

When writing for the B2B sector, it’s important to not only know the customer, but also to know what each individual stakeholder concerned wants to achieve. That’s why I delve deep at the briefing stage of every job to identify the key internal clients and ascertain their individual objectives. This ensures that the communication performs effectively and in the best interests of the business as a whole.

One thing we do have to remember is that just because we’re talking B2B, we’re not tied to dry corporate-speak. People are what make companies tick so messaging can be emotional, interesting and witty too. Doing this can quickly cut through the mass of sterile, grey B2B marketing that’s out there and also give your business a more open and honest personality.

In terms of B2B marketing experience, I have worked across a wide spectrum of business sectors. Facilities management, logistics, international trade and industry, property, building, building materials, manufacturing, food, fire, health and safety, medical, management services, IT, intellectual property, legal, banking, finance, office supplies, investments, utilities and professional services. Add to that television, media, digital, advertising and marketing and there are few sectors are few sectors with which I have not had some involvement.

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By Simon Anderson | Copywriting | Freelance Leeds Copywriter | B2B copywriter | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriting | Harrogate