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A brand's for life. It has to be right. 100%.

What’s in a name? Well, the success or failure of a brand, product or service for starters.

Creating a brand from scratch and then positioning it isn’t easy. There’s a lot to crystallize into a simple and memorable name that reflects the true personality of who you are and what you do.

Think of it as having a tattoo. Whatever you decide on, that’s it, you’re stuck with it, so it’s essential that great care is taken over not just the name, but all the detail too. It doesn’t have to be a painful process though.

Design consultancies, strategic planners, advertising agencies and direct clients have all drawn upon my experience and creativity to generate numerous suitable candidate names for their and their clients’ brands, services and products. It’s something I really enjoy and have a reputation for in the industry.

Anything from a new food range for one of the big four supermarkets or individual FMCG product names to the name of a new manufacturing process – I have brand generation experience in a wide range of sectors.

When creating candidate names, I can carry out preliminary checks to ensure that there is not a similarly named brand in the same sector. I can also look into the availability of memorable website URLS.

A name on its own is just the start though. Brands are often supported by a strapline (sometimes also called a slogan, but never by me) that supports the brand and sums up what it stands for in a concise, relevant, engaging and memorable way. Once one or several candidate brand names have been selected, this is the point where I concentrate on creating strapline options that are specific to each particular name.

The result is a brand that speaks volumes about what it is, gets across its unique personality and stands out for all the right reasons.

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By Simon Anderson | Concept | Brand Creation | Freelance Leeds Copywriter | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriting | Harrogate Copywriter