Get it on, one-to-one.

Marketing directly with a rallying call to action.

One of the most fruitful ways to build relationships with your customers is when you communicate one-to-one with them. Unless you’re a Jehovah’s Witness or postman, you can’t always be on their doorstep for a chat. You can get through to them though in all manner of cunning, cost-effective ways.

Envelopes through their letterbox, persuasive DRTV commercials, promo texts, app notifications, outdoor posters, outbound emails to your database. Basically, any communication where you’re trying to illicit a direct response is Direct Marketing.

One of the great things about DM is the fact that it’s directly measurable. Every click, call, code or coupon can be recorded. Every creative execution can be tested for its effectiveness. Understandably, clients love that. Unsurprisingly, lots of creatives don’t like their work being judged by anyone other than their peers. Personally, as a creative copywriter, I find it reassuring as I categorically know whether what I’m creating is doing its job. It also enables me to refine and improve response.

Fashion to financial. Betting to building. I have over 25 years’ experience in persuading consumers and business customers to buy from my clients.

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By Simon Anderson | Concepts | Direct Marketing Copywriting | Freelance Leeds Copywriter | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriting | Harrogate Copywriter