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Words can stir up a spectrum of emotions and few things are more emotional than purchases where the decision is based more on style than functionality. Fashion and style are very personal which is why when marketing either you need to touch the consumer in some way. Create a desire that’s often irrational. It’s about transforming a casual want into an overpowering desire.

That’s all very easy to say, doing it is an entirely different matter. Obviously, fashion and style are highly visual, but as a copywriter, I write visually. When I write a headline, it not only evokes a mood, it needs to look great on the page. When scriptwriting for a fashion TV commercial, I don’t simply create the voiceover, I describe the action in the right level of detail not only for the client to understand but to also inspire the art director, visualiser, producer or director.

Over many years, I’ve created everything from TV and press ads to highly targeted direct mail campaigns for a wide diversity of brands from Next Direct and Van Heusen shirts to Wynsors and over 20 different brands under the N Brown umbrella – the FTSE 250 listed internet and catalogue home shopping group. I’ve even scripted a lingerie commercial starring Lisa Snowden.

Interiors is another area in which I have experience, from soft furnishings, beds and furniture to luxury materials and products targeted at leading interior designers and high-net-worth individuals. I have produced everything from evocative brochure copy and TV commercial scripts to creative content for websites and the full gamut of social media.

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By Simon Anderson | Copywriting | Freelance Leeds Copywriter | Fashion copywriter | Interiors copywriter | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriting | Harrogate