3D marketing dynamite – BOOM!

Packaging is powerful stuff. If you’ve an FMCG product, you’ve thousands, maybe millions of three-dimensional marketing opportunities on shelves throughout the country or world. That’s a lot of individual chances to communicate vital information at the point of purchase.

This is often when a consumer decides between your product and the others on the shelf. Competition is usually fierce and packaging and promotions can tip decisions one way or the other. That’s where I can help.

I have collaborated with leading design consultancies to ensure that on-pack messaging and promotions work as hard as possible in conveying not only important product information, but also in the tone of voice that reflects the brand’s personality. When space is limited, immediacy and hierarchy of messaging are incredibly important. I am a very visual copywriter and appreciate that brevity and clarity are essential in providing flexibility of design – that’s maybe why so many designers enjoy collaborating with me.

Space is usually at a premium, so I lavish equal attention to detail on the information most people do not read. This ensures that whilst it’s legal and intelligible, it doesn’t waste space that could be used for marketing and brand messaging.

On-pack promotions can also swing purchases heavily in your favour. Again, many design consultancies and agencies turn to me for inspiration and the creation of eye-catching and highly attractive promotions.

Provide a prize budget and a brief and I can deliver exciting, relevant and highly creative themed promotions that generate a real buzz about your product and brand. I can devise prizes, a prize structure, create on-pack copy, suggest visuals and even draft rules, terms and conditions. I am also experienced in creating attention-grabbing concepts and copy for promotional point of sale material from shelf wobblers and gondolas to posters and electronic point of sale.

So, if you’d like your product to perform where it counts, please contact me on 07909 500714 or email

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By Simon Anderson | Concept | Packaging Copywriting | POS | Freelance Leeds Copywriter | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriting | Harrogate Copywriter