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Social media has a life of its own. Unlike traditional media, it’s very much a two-way conversation where the things that interest people the most get talked about and shared the most. So if you’re a brand, having something interesting to say, do or show is a good start if you want people to be positive about you in social media.

Once you’ve got the conversation started you also need to keep it flowing and start up another to maintain attention and momentum.

Managing social media can be pretty intensive. For example, for one specific client, I handle everything from Facebook, YouTube (including creating video content), Twitter, Blogs and Google+ to Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and even specialist social media like interior design site Houzz.

It’s a lot of plates to keep spinning at once and a lot of content to generate, not only written but visual and video too. I’m not simply a copywriter. When in social media mode, I’m a writer, art director, photographer and videographer. My clients can rely on me to create and execute a social media plan that could involve anything from regular blogging, posting, tweeting and pinning to getting out there shooting and editing stills and video for major events in their calendar.

There are numerous advantages to being able to create such a wealth of content. The key advantage is consistency of message and tone of voice – having one person creating content across all social platforms for the brand means one hand always knows what the other hand is doing. Also, not having to employ a separate copywriter, art director, photographer and video production company brings significant cost savings.

Whatever it is I’m doing, be it shooting and tweeting live from an event, editing a video or blogging, I charge the same flat hourly or daily rate, so clients always know where they are in terms of cost.

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By Simon Anderson | Concept | Social Media | Freelance Leeds Copywriter | Yorkshire Copywriter | Leeds Copywriting | Harrogate Copywriter