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Written, directed, shot and edited by yours truly. No, truly.

Having worked within advertising agencies for over two and a half decades, I’ve conceived, scripted and been involved in the creative production of numerous TV and cinema commercials for a wide diversity of clients, products, services and budgets.

In addition to understanding the entire film and video production process, the most important thing I gained was an understanding of how to bring a story to life. As a copywriter and scriptwriter, I can create the story but executing it is a difficult matter. Isn’t it? Well, yes and no.

Obviously, for a glossy TV commercial or important corporate video, you need the expertise of a TV or video production company. However, with the unstoppable popularity of video online, many brands want regular budget video exposure across YouTube and social media. That’s where I can help.

I can single-handedly produce simple, yet highly effective, online video content including videoblogs. I do everything from initial scriptwriting, directing and filming to editing, music, voice over and final delivery of a full HD video for upload. Plus, being an experienced social media copywriter, I can then disseminate and promote it across all your social media.

Shooting with two full HD 1080p DSLR cameras, track, dolly and digital audio recording equipment, then editing with Final Cut Pro, I can produce high quality digital video content incredibly cost-effectively. Better still, as I’m the creator and scriptwriter, I can ensure that when collaborating with you, our initial vision is realistic, on budget and achieved.

There’s no crew, just me, and like all my services, I simply charge the same hourly or daily rate, whether I’m writing, directing, shooting or editing.

If you’ve a video project you’d like to discuss, please contact me on 07909 500714 or email

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