What do my clients actually think?

It’s been a few years since I went freelance and it’s absolutely flown by. It’s quite frightening really – it only seemed like yesterday that I appointed an accountant and became simonand: Leeds copywriter and creative collaborator.

If you’re wondering how I’m doing and whether I’m making a success of things, you’d have to ask my portfolio of clients if you want a completely impartial view. Fortunately, I’ve done that for you.

Last week, in a not especially scientific survey, I asked over fifty of my wonderfully intelligent agency and direct clients what they thought of me, my concepts, copywriting and whether I’m value for money. It was totally confidential and I encouraged every client to be entirely honest, even if it upset me. Don’t worry, I’ve pretty thick skin – you have to in this game.

So how did I do?
  • 100% thought I was either a top bloke or a nice guy. Reassuringly, nobody called me a ‘bit of an arse’.
  • Over 70% thought I really cut the mustard and nobody thought I was either hit and miss or struggled.
  • Over 94% of my clients thought I was ‘major VFM’ or ‘good value for money’ and only one thought I was ‘fair to middling’. Not one enquired whether I ‘offered refunds’.
  • Of my qualities, 59% thought I was ‘highly creative’ and 52% a ‘real grafter’. Nobody thought I was ‘pretty workaday’ or a ‘waste of space’, which is comforting.
  • More than 88% of clients would definitely recommend me to others, the rest were split between probably and maybe.
  • Ranked out of 10, over 72% gave me a score of 10 or 9 – half of those giving me a straight 10 and the remaining 28% rating me as a solid 8.

It’s great feedback but there’s no room for complacency. It’s been a valuable exercise that’s given me a few pointers as to where there’s room for improvement. What it also does is show potential clients that if they’re looking for a conceptual copywriter who’s great fun to work with and is a highly creative grafter, who cuts the mustard, give me a call on 07909 500 714 or email

By Simon Anderson